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Traveling on the back roads of America for the last five years, Lisa McIntyre has set the stage for solo women travelers. She has navigated her way through economic limitations and incongruent cultural expectations to embrace her desires with relentless passion to live life on her own terms.

Lisa and Gypsy Daisy
Lisa & her caravan, Gypsy Daisy

Shedding most of her possessions and reinventing herself to find personal freedom, Lisa offers a roadmap for others to emulate. Her authentic, strong sense of self shines through her writings with a genuine desire to inspire others to move outside of their own limiting beliefs of who they are, or who they feel they ought to be.

She shares her intimate relationship with the roads she has trekked and the multitudes of unique people she has encountered.  Lisa brings to life under-appreciated landscape and hidden treasures from her 20,000 miles of cross-country journeying while eloquently communicating the courageous heart of a warrior with the feminine spirit of creativity and love.

Lisa McIntyre is a freelance travel writer from Denver, Colorado and a mother of two brilliant, creative children who also pursue authentic and inspired lives.

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